CBE Group is Calling about IRS Taxes

CBE Group Called About an IRS Tax Liability?

CBE Group calls may or may not show up on the caller ID. They may or may not leave a message the first time around. But starting in 2017 CBE is definitely calling people about IRS tax liabilities. If CBE group called about IRS taxes, this is possibly a real call and you should be worried. But it could be a scam. Hasn’t the IRS said for years that you should never trust a call about taxes?  Not anymore. Private collection agencies are now calling about taxes for the IRS.

Who is CBE Group?

CBE Companies is an international call center company based in Cedar Falls, Iowa. They have additional locations in Iowa as well as Texas, Kansas, Manila, and the Philippines. They claim to have over 1600 employees.

They are not just a call center. They have a particular focus on liability collection and provide liability collections and/or other services to many sectors, including telecommunications, financial, utilities, healthcare, education, and government.

CBE Group is now a private IRS Tax Collection Agency

The 2015 FAST Act now authorizes the IRS to outsource tax collections to private liability collection companies, and this is going to be a game-changer for anyone owing tax – and also those who may not owe tax to the IRS at all.

By the way, the last time the IRS tried outsourcing tax collections to private collection agencies it lost money. The IRS normally brings in $4 for every $1 put into its budget. But the private collectors don’t appear to be as effective as their government counterparts. From Oct. 2017 to Sept. 2018, the program’s most profitable 12 months, collection companies Pioneer Credit Recovery, ConServe Recovery, Performant Recovery, and CBE Group collected just $2.64 for every $1 the government spent on the program.

Other companies that may call you about IRS taxes:

How Your IRS Account is Legally Transferred to a Private Collection Agency: 

1) The IRS must send you a letter to your last known address, notifying that your past-due account is now with a private collection agency, in this case, CBE Group.

2) CBE Group must mail you a collections letter to the same address, notifying you CBE Group, not the IRS, is now collecting on your IRS account.

3) If your last known address is out of date and you don’t receive mail from the IRS or CBE, you are still considered “legally notified” and Pioneer may proceed with collections.

4) CBE Group will begin calling you regarding your IRS taxes, and will likely send you further demands for payment in the mail to your last known and any newly discovered addresses.

CBE Group Called about IRS Liability. Is it a Scam?

We always say if you owe taxes and can pay them, you should. If you can write one check, be done with it. If you need time, you have options. It’s a different matter on whether or not you should trust a phone call about IRS tax liability.

The IRS says to never trust calls about IRS matters because that isn’t how the IRS operates. Only scammers and frauds call about IRS taxes. The Treasury Inspector General said during a two year period, they got more than 730,000 complaints about fakers claiming to be calling to collect for the IRS. And the IRS estimates that over $23,000,000 has been stolen from taxpayers in recent years by phone call scams about IRS taxes!

Action! Steps if CBE Group is Calling about IRS Taxes

First, beware of IRS related phone scams. No matter what DO NOT give any personal information such a Social Security Number or payment info over the phone. If you have a CPA and have filed your tax returns, and this is a surprise, start there. If you don’t know why CBE Group is calling you might talk to a tax relief company, which can and should verify, for free, if you owe back taxes to the IRS. If you owe, they will be able to tell you your rights.