Tax Defense Partners Review

Tax Defense Partners Review

Tax Defense Partners is an Encino, CA, based tax resolution company. Tax Defense Partners is a rebranding, under new ownership/management, of the now defunct Tax Resolution Services.


Just like Tax Resolution Services did before them, Tax Defense Partners advertises on the radio with talk show personalities, such as Rush Limbaugh (RIP), Glenn Beck, and Sean Hannity. They also advertise on the Internet.


Tax Defense Partners gets, in general, okay marks for not over-promising miracle tax reductions on their website. While they do list a few miracle outcomes on their Success Stories page, they have realistic and honest explanations about the penalty and interest reductions, and the Offer in Compromise, if you read the finer print at the bottom of these pages.

We did get a laugh out of their use of the terms “negotiation” and “mediation.” There is no such thing as mediation with the IRS. It’s just not a thing. And for negotiation, the only negotiated with the IRS that is possible is “please don’t levy my client, even though they have been a very naughty taxpayer.” There is NO negotiating the amount of taxes due, and they know this.


Tax Defense Partners really falls short here. They do not list the company’s ownership, nor do they list any staff. This is a huge red flag. Many tax relief firms are just marketing companies that outsource the actual work to another tax relief firm.

We are not saying Tax Defense Partners outsources their work, but this lack of transparency leaves us questioning if they actually handle cases, or just sell information. We dropped Tax Defense Partners grade due to their lack of transparency regarding the qualifications and accreditations of their employees.

In their defense, Tax Defense Partners does list a physical address and claims to have Enrolled Agents, attorneys, and certified public accountants (CPAs), on staff.


Tax Defense Partners was BBB accredited on May 11, 2016. But as early as 2019 their BBB page became unavailable. We don’t know why. Screenshot from 2019:

Screenshot of Tax Defense Partners BBB page.

Screenshot of Tax Defense Partners BBB page.

Today, February 23, 2022, the Tax Defense Partners page says that they are NOT accredited by the BBB. This strikes us as a problem because right there on Tax Defense Partners’ homepage is a section that reads “Our Accreditation” and it has an image of a BBB A+ Accredited Business.

Tax Defense Partners bbb screenshot 2022-02-23

Tax Defense Partners BBB screenshot 2022-02-23

It may or may not be relevant, but prior to handing over the company baton and its established radio advertising relationships to Tax Defense Partners, Tax Resolution Services had 48 complaints. This number of complaints is on the high end, even for an industry whose clients often are under great financial strain and liable to complain too quick when things get rocky.

Screenshot of Tax Resolution Services BBB before shutting down.

Above: Screenshot of Tax Resolution Services  Better Business Bureau complaints, prior to shutting down.


Tax Defense Partners, in its current form, began in 2013.


We really dislike the “Success Stories” section on the website because it paints a very distorted picture of what someone can expect as an outcome. On this page they highlight several clients that paid only 1-4% of the taxes owed. While there is the occasional case like this, maybe one every couple of years, these outcomes are unicorns. It would be like going to a doctor for your stage-four pancreatic cancer and the brochure in the lobby suggests this hands-of-God doctor cures pretty much everyone. Nope. So, for this, we give them a low grade for ethics.

Additionally, we really dislike the suggestion that they charge a flat fee because they do not know what the service will cost because tax debt issues are very fluid situations.  It is the rule, not the exception, that the tax problem is bigger and more complex than the client or the tax professional knows upon initial engagement. Because of this, flat fees are usually impossible for a tax services firm, a CPA, or an attorney to deliver unless they charge an exceedingly expensive fee.  It appears that Tax Defense Partners has received many complaints about fees, which is common for firms claiming flat-fee service (read the fine print!).


While we applaud Tax Defense Partners for the fairly detailed explanations on nerdy tax topics, they lose points for their lack of transparency, their suggestive “Success Stories,” suggested “flat fee” and their dodgy use of the BBB A+ logo.

Without knowing the qualifications of the staff performing the actual work, it’s difficult to have confidence things will be handled smoothly. Before getting swayed by their talk radio pitchmen, make sure to speak with a licensed analysts and ask for a realistic breakdown of potential resolution options.

  • Reasonable explanations of taxes and solution on their website

  • Dodgy BBB usage
  • Flat-fee
  • No staff listed
  • Using unicorns for success stories

5.8 Total Score

  • Honest Website Content
  • Was Tax Resolution Services Co.
  • Not Very Transparent

  1. Reply
    Brandone December 8, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    I them for a long time on the radio but never really paid much attention. I didnt’ owe tax. Then I did. Someone really screwed me business wise and I fall behind because I didn’t get paid. So I called Tax Defense Partner and they gave me a plan. Because I own a business it was really stressful and important to not let the IRS take me down. The helped get me back on track by getting my payments with the IRS. They didn’t save me big money like some of the stuff you hear but the didn’t let the IRS shut me down and now I’m up to date with my taxes. They helped me for sure.

  2. Reply
    Laura December 22, 2016 at 10:28 pm

    When I hired Tax Defense NetworkI was really stressed out because of the IRS. I was behind and didn’t know what to do. The IRS can take your money and shot you down. But I talked them, one of their salesman, and I feel that in a vulnerable financial state of mind I got taken advantage of. (I never could get him back on the phone after I paid them)

    They said they would reduce my total tax debt. After charging me over six thousand they told me it didn’t include the book keeping I needed. That’s how I got in trouble. In the end they got me a pay schedule with the IRS, not the reduction in liability that they promised, no bookkeeping services that they said were included. Nope, nada. I should have just paid the IRS rather than anything to tax defense partners.

  3. Reply
    Martin S March 11, 2017 at 10:54 am

    Owed IRS 20k they promised me they cut in half year later I paid TDP 3k. I now owe IRS 23k so now in debt 26k and counting. Big ripoff.

  4. Reply
    Michelle M April 26, 2017 at 6:14 am

    I was looking for a good and persuasive tax attorney for some issues I was having with the IRS. I know how hard it is to come to a compromise with them and I wanted a professional’s outlook on what my options are and what’s best for my situation. My friend referred me to Tax Defense Partners and told me they would give a good perspective on where I stand and even get me out of my debt to the IRS. She was definitely right, although I was expecting it to take a little time, I’m more than pleased with the outcome.

  5. Reply
    Steve K July 21, 2017 at 5:28 am

    Unbelievable… they pass you around and around putting the work back on
    you without helping. The staff ranges from 100% rude to the owner who
    doesn’t care about you one bit. If you choose Tax Defense Partners then
    you will be sorry and out of over $11,000.00 in my case with NOTHING
    resolved. It’s better to just approach the IRS yourself, you will have
    your cash and at least be able to get something resolved…

  6. Reply
    Angelo P November 16, 2017 at 9:40 am

    Great company. After dealing with the IRS for many years I chose to get
    help. We owed The IRS over 6 figures. Tax Defense Partners gave us a
    great payment plan to retain there services, keep the IRS and State away
    from us. What this did was provide myself and family peace of mind. TDP
    was able to get my tax bill down to $4,956.00. A 96% savings. I was
    amazed on the result. If you keep open communication with them at all
    times they will work on your case and they will work with you until a
    resolution to your tax problem is complete.

  7. Reply
    B Becca April 26, 2018 at 2:05 pm

    Please do not use this business. They assured me they could handle my tax issues and avoid liens being filed on my property. After paying $3000 to retain them, they did very little for me. I submitted all required documents and figures, and without even reviewing them or checking for discrepancies, they filed an offer with the IRS which was denied because numbers did not match up. They also did not inform me that filing an offer in compromise would extend my tax periods by 12 months. I could have established an installment plan for two years and dropped $40,000 in tax debt due to the collection period expiring. The IRS gave me that information, NOT Tax Defense Partners, LLC. A federal tax lien was filed against my property, and when I inquired about this, I was informed that they have no authority to prevent a tax lien. They are impossible to reach on the phone and take multiple days to reply to e-mails. Please please hire a local tax attorney, which is a third of the cost, and they will handle your issues personally and face to face much more efficiently. This business is a fraud.

  8. Reply
    Danny May 29, 2018 at 7:24 am

    I heard about them on the radio and hesitantly gave them a call about my tax problems. They ended up making a payment plan with the IRS and it gave me 5 years to pay back, which was over twice the timeframe the IRS was asking me to pay back in. The extra time is much needed.

  9. Reply
    JJulian October 11, 2018 at 12:54 pm

    It starts with a really bad year and it escalates till you get to the point of having to find a lawyer to help. Combination of having no money and fear of the IRS makes the process frightening After a recommendation from a friend I hired Tax Defense Partners. April ******* was Amazing. I give her a 10 The process to get to her I rate an 8. You start with the pitch, and I am sure you are stressed if you are doing this. Pay attention. Read the acceptance letter carefully. You will get a lot of correspondence at first, ALOT of different people and I never knew who did what. Never an exact walk thru of the process and it added some stress. Finally I was assigned a case manager. April ******* was mine :she is Great. Listened to my concerns, fears and some dumb questions on my end. I am so grateful to April, the resolution was beyond my hopes and expectations. I finally feel I can plan a life. Thank you April.

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