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Larson Tax Relief Review

Larson Tax Relief Review

Larson Tax Relief one of the largest and most established tax relief companies out there. They operate in all 50 states, for both IRS and state taxes, as well as for business or personal taxes. They are based in Westminster, Colorado.

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If you or your business has ever received a tax lien from the state or IRS you may have received a call from someone at Larson Tax Relief asking you if they can help with your tax issues. We suspect this is off-putting to many people, especially in the age of rampant tax-related phone scams and direct to voicemail spamming. At the same, these tax lien generated calls must be very helpful to people who are (rightfully) suspicious of all the big promises about IRS savings on TV and radio commercials, as Larson Tax Relief has been calling taxpayers to offer their services for over a decade.  Larson Tax Relief also does Internet advertising and radio commercials.


Larson Tax Relief’s website has ample information on both federal and state taxes, with an informational tone. They do not over-promise huge savings, which is a good sign. The people at Larson Tax Relief do an honest job explaining both the consequences of owing taxes and the options available to the taxpayer.  We found all explanations within the tax code. They did not promise to make the tax debt disappear. This is refreshing because most tax relief companies fall into two categories: Fear or hope. They either try to scare you that the IRS will lock you in jail or they promise that they will make your tax debt vanish.


Larson Tax Relief gets high marks here because they list a lot of personnel, from managers to senior staff, on their website. They are one of the few companies to list their Senior Consultants – the person you would speak with during an initial consultation to determine if you have a problem that is a good fit for their tax relief services. The majority of their Senior Consultants are also Enrolled Agents*, which dramatically sets them apart from most other tax relief companies.

An Enrolled Agent* (EA) is a federally-authorized tax practitioner who has technical expertise in the field of taxation and who is empowered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury to represent taxpayers before all administrative levels—examination, collection, and appeals—of the Internal Revenue Service

Enrolled Agents, like attorneys and certified public accountants (CPAs), have unlimited practice rights.

Larson Tax Relief also lists their physical address. This may seem like an obvious and normal thing to do, but many tax relief companies are very opaque in this regard. We believe that if you are trying to hide something, there must be something are hiding.


Larson Tax Relief is listed in the Denver BBB as a member since 2006, with an A+ rating. As of September 2017, they show zero complaints with the BBB. While they have a large number of attorneys on staff, all of them are also accredited, Enrolled Agents. These dual credentials sets them apart from most tax relief companies

Though not technically an accreditation, they have been named by the Denver Post as a Top Workplace 2012-2016. They are also accredited by Consumer Affairs, a consumer advocacy company that posts reviews from verified clients.

Larson Tax Relief Reviews BBB

Larson Tax Relief Reviews and Complaints with the BBB


Larson Financial Inc, dba Larson Tax Relief, was founded in 2005 by Jack and Ron Larson, brothers.


Larson Tax Relief offers a satisfaction guarantee, which we like to see more than a guarantee of a specific result. No one can guarantee a specific result when dealing with taxes or legal issues. A company or tax professional can and should, however, stand by their competency, work ethic, and past results.

We didn’t find any negatives, like lawsuits or professional sanctions against Larson Tax Relief.
They also have Trust Pilot Reviews on their website. Trust Pilot is a third-party testimonial collections company that allows testimonials from only verified customers. They also receive excellent reviews on Consumer Affairs and the BBB. If you have happy clients you are probably ethical too.

Summary and Conclusion

This Larson Tax Relief review ended up receiving some the highest marks of all the tax relief companies we reviewed. They are a well-established company with very few (none actually) customer complaints. They are honest about the tax relief options available. Larson Tax Relief gets great reviews on Trustpilot, BBB, and Consumer Affairs, as well as user reviews on this website. They offer a satisfaction guarantee and refund policy. Larson Tax Relief received the highest scores for their transparency and the qualifications of their staff. We are very comfortable recommending Larson Tax Relief for any tax debt situation.

  • Licensed staff listed
  • A+ BBB rating
  • Doing business over a decade
  • Satisfaction guarantee

  • May call you about a tax lien

9.2 Total Score
Top Rated

  • High Licensing Standards
  • A+ BBB Rating
  • Satisfaction Guarantee


Contact Larson Tax Relief

For an Immediate Tax Relief Evaluation
with a Licensed Agent call: 855-285-3959

A Conversation with an Enrolled Agent from Larson Tax Relief

Lucas Hauschild, Enrolled Agent

What tax issues will Larson Tax Relief tackle?

We deal with both business and personal taxes to both the  IRS and state taxing authorities. We work strive to alleviate the emotional and money related stress that come with these debts or filing problems or collection actions.  Our value comes from our expertise and the personal guidance needed we deliver for every unique tax problem.

What are the most common misconception consumers have about tax relief?

I’d say number one is that this is something the client’s CPA or local attorney can get the same result and provide the same value as we can. The sections of the tax code that deal with filings and deductions, the common realm of the CPA, is not the same section that we are expert in – the collection division.  This is high stakes stuff. The government is a collection agency, with incredible powers to intimidate and take money by force. Taking guidance from a revenue agent, who has a job to collect the money as fast as they can, is often a treacherous path resulting in levied bank accounts and seized assets. We aim to prevent all that, and are very good at it.

What sets your Larson apart from other tax relief companies?

Many tax relief companies say they have years of experience dealing with the IRS. On average this is not the case. Contrast this with the team at Larson. jack and Ron Larson, the of the owners of the company, each has been in the tax relief field for almost 20 years. I’ve been at it for almost 15 years. I’d say that all the senior staff has over five years, and half have been in the tax relief field for a decade. I work with very experienced professionals and am proud of it.

The big reason for this, I feel, goes back to the corporate ethos, which is a commitment to value, ethics, and commitment to long term sustainability. Good people stay with the company, and we attract very experienced and talented people. This adds up the a staff that has much more experience than is the norm.

Tell us more about the corporate ethos, as you call it.

First, the focus on customer service. We attempt to go over the top to keep our clients informed and educated, thus lowering their stress and giving them the information they need to make important decisions.

Second is ensuring our employees are taken care of too. By design, our corporate culture fosters happy, informed employees. Management treats the employees as they wish the employees to treat the customer. We’ve found that happy and well-informed employees deliver a better work product, period.

It’s easy to day that but how do you convince the customer your different?

That is always a challenge. But we can point to the fact that Larson Tax Relief has been in The Denver Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, The Denver Post Top 100 Workplaces, the Colorado Biz Magazine’s Top 50 Family Owned Companies and the Colorado Biz Magazine’s Top 250 Privately Owned Companies for multiple years. The company also won the 2014 BBB Torch Award for Customer Service, and was runner-up for the 2014 and 2015 BBB Torch Award for Marketplace Trust & Ethics.

If people take the time to compare us to the rest of the tax relief companies out there, we should always be in their finalist list, in my opinion. I’m biased of course, but I know we are solid.

If there was just one thing you would tell someone to look for before hiring tax help, what would that be?

Maybe the biggest is licensing. Every client that hires our firm has a licensed Attorney or IRS Enrolled Agent working on their file, and communicating directly with them. We also provide federally licensed tax consultants for our prospective customers to speak with about their tax situation prior to hiring our firm. We are aware of only one other tax relief company that upholds these standards.

Which other tax relief company is this?

I’d rather not say because that means that I’m talking down the rest, who are not as licensed. I prefer to talk about why I think we are better, not why I think a particular company is worse.

Okay, then what needs do your products or services fulfill, and how do you fulfill those needs better than your competition?

Our customers need much-needed guidance and comfort. It is our expertise in this area of practice provides the ability to navigate complex state and federal tax laws, policies and procedures. We are able to execute better solutions – solutions that our clients want, not just that we think they should have. This is because of the committed involvement with our clients. Sizeable tax debts don’t show up overnight, and they can’t usually be fixed overnight either. When Larson employees focus on communication and collaboration with our clients, the end result is truly tailored to the customer’s needs and unique variables.

Most of our competitors sell a “cookie-cutter” product, follow the same steps for every customer, and refer to their customers by their client ID number. We don’t number our clients, as Larson Tax Relief isn’t in the widget or cattle business. Clients aren’t SKUs, they are people, and we follow varying steps and procedures for each one in a commitment to achieve the unique resolution they need. There are a lot of misconceptions from misinformation out there.

Can you tell us about these misconceptions?

I’d say the most common misconceptions people have about tax debt is that the IRS will just negotiate or “bargain” with a taxpayer, as though at a swap meet or something.  They hear constantly in commercials about new programs and relief settlements, about the Offer in Compromise. A lot of people want to believe this of course. I get that. It just isn’t reality for over 99% of people. The isn’t a magic wand to make money, interest, whatever, disappear. If there were, believe me we’d know about it and would use it for our clients. I’d use it for myself!

 What is something you wish every consumer knew about your company?

About our integrity. And our commitment to each client. We take the same care with someone who owes  $10,000 to as the client who owes $2 million in taxes. Sure the bigger problems take more time and more work, but that doesn’t mean we are any less attentive to the smaller dollar amount tax problems.

 What is the greatest obstacle Larson Tax Relief is currently trying to overcome?

Market saturation and sub-par work product from our competitors is the primary obstacle our company faces every day. And the the misinformation we discussed.

Being lumped into a group with all of the other competitors in the “tax relief field” is not necessarily a good thing for our firm. Many consumers believe that tax relief companies are just a scam, and they are partially correct. Our company, at last count, has 270 “competitors” nationwide that claim to do what we do. We estimate that fewer than 10 of these firms have the ethical standards, business model and expertise to deliver results that are equal to Larson Tax Relief.

This number does not include individual CPAs and Attorneys who are often hired to fix back tax problems, regardless of the fact that most of them have very limited experience negotiating with government taxing authorities. I’m not saying these CPAs or attorneys are doing anything unethical or unprofessional, it’s just that they often get in over their heads in areas of tax code that they really don’t know.

Unfortunately we get first-hand look at some shoddy work done by other tax relief companies. Everyday we come in – to the rescue – sorting out and cleaning up the mess they created for their client prior to hiring Larson Tax Relief. Often we find that they client was indeed ‘scammed.’ It’s gotten worse in recent years.

Tell us more about that. How have things changed with the IRS?

The IRS hasn’t changed that much. It’s more about the would-be tax relief companies. In the past 5-10 years we have seen the arrival of hundreds of new “competitors” that are increasingly less qualified, yet make even bigger promises of massive reductions in tax debt. These are the miracle claims about “new government programs, make a deal with the IRS, blah, blah, blah.

A big change occurred when the companies that solicited to help with unsecured debt, like credit cards, got regulated. It was a shady industry and there was some much needed regulation imposed. Most went out of business. Many moved into tax relief, and brought with them their lack of ethics. It’s a problem.

Then what do you see for the future?

I don’t have a crystal ball but I hope that the federal government imposes regulations requiring stricter licensing for companies and individuals soliciting and/or performing any kind of tax services. That would weed out most of the bad actors, like happened in the debt settlement industry.

Any final advice to someone looking for tax help?

We encourage all consumers looking for help to slow down so they are deciding on reason, not fear. The predators leverage fear. Slow down, do your homework, and you will quickly be able to separate the good tax relief companies from the bad.

And be proactive. It’s super stressful when dealing with the IRS but I promise that taking a proactive approach rather than waiting for the IRS to come calling will be way, way better for you in the end.

And of course if you have any tax relief questions please call me at 855-285-3959.

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