Freedom Tax Relief Review

Freedom Tax Relief Review

Freedom Tax Relief is a San Mateo, California, based tax relief company. They provide relief assistance with Installment Agreements, levies and garnishments, tax filings, payroll taxes, penalties, Innocent Spouse, Currently Not Collectable, and the Offer in Compromise.


Freedom Tax Relief advertises on TV. They also are easy to find on the Internet.


On their homepage, Freedom Tax Relief is boldly advertising how much money they can save you. This is an immediate red flag due to the unique complexity of each tax case. Their second page (left to right), Tax Solutions, is about the Offer in Compromise and nothing else. If you didn’t know any better you’d think Freedom Tax Relief can just call the IRS and tell them to just forgive a large portion of your tax liability. Of course, they cannot.

Another call for caution is the Top Settlements page, where you see a table that lists amazing vanishing tax liability. This lists averages just 18% of taxes paid on what was owed. Even for tax relief companies selling hope, this is really over the top. The Offer in Compromise does exist with the IRS, it just doesn’t happen that often.


Freedom Tax Relief gets a big zero here. They do not list their ownership and they do not list any staff. They want you to trust them with your taxes and financial future but they do not tell you who they are? Withholding this information is a strong mark against a tax relief firm.


Freedom Tax Relief is NOT a BBB accredited company. This is surprising for a company that has been in business for over a decade.

Screenshot Freedom Tax Relief BBB page

Freedom Tax Relief is NOT BBB accredited. (Screenshot Freedom Tax Relief BBB page.)


Their Secretary of State filings show Freedom Tax Relief was founded in 2004.


Freedom Tax Relief makes it sound like they can save you lots of money. This is merely marketing material to get your business and is considered unethical by many tax professionals. While the IRS does consider reduced payments, it is quite rare. This marketing approach is misleading and drops Freedom Tax Relief’s grade.

Freedom Tax Relief does not offer any guarantee either. While we don’t like to see guarantees about results or savings, we do like to see some kind of service guarantee and refund policy.


Freedom Tax Relief misses on many important criteria that we think are essential for a trustworthy tax relief company. Freedom Tax Relief’s questionable marketing approach, lack of accreditation, and lack of transparency raise a lot of red flags. When you have a sensitive tax issue, you want to know the qualifications of the people helping you.

  • Established

  • No Guarantee Listed
  • Overselling Savings
  • Poor Transparency

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